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Jumat, 18 Mei 2012


Latihan soal UAS kls IX

1.   The term internet is an abbreviation for …
      a. international networking                                      c. intercom network
      b. interconnected networking                                  d. interconnected netlink

2.   The computer providing information that can be accesed on the internet is called…
      a. client            b. engine            c. server           d. servant
3.  Computer networking that has an unlimited geographic area range is……
a. LAN                            b. MAN                             c. WAN                          d. SWAN

4.  Include the type of networking is….
a. ATM                            b. HIBRID                        c. FDDI                          d. Feer to feer

5.  Internet accsess speed is determined by…
  1. RAM                b. Modulation             c. bandwidth            d. ethernet

6. On the Wireless media with maximum distance 100 m, how many maximum speed ?
  1. 1 Mbps              b. 2 Mbps                 c. 3Mbps               d. 4 Mbps

7.   A hardware that connect information from a computer to a telecomunication line is …
      a. computer and telephone                                       c. modem and computer
      b. modem and telephone                                          d. modem and electricity

8.  Generally to get an internet access, you will need hardware, software, telecomunication line,  and…
a.         Fax           b.  IRC        c.  ISP           d.   IIS

9.  Tool that serves to connect the computer to the ISP is
  1. camera       b. Telephone          c. Computer          d. Modem

10 Service providers connecting internet through a computer network called
  1. Internet Sevice                        c.  Protocol APJII
  2. Internet Service Provider        d.  Point to Point Protocol

The picture is a kind of topological

a.         BUS
b.        Ring
c.         Star
d.        Peer to peer

12.  If one of the broken cable segment, then the entire network will stop a disadvantage if we use  the topological type
a.     BUS
b.    Ring
c.     Star
d.    Peer to peer

13. To connect computers to the Internet network by connecting a modem to the telephone line is called
  1. Dian in
  2. Dial up
  3. Dial number
  4. Dialing

This tab shows the use of ………..connection
  1. WAN
  2. MAN
  3. Dial-up
  4. Wireless

15. Browser program made ​​by Microsoft company is…
      a. Mozilla                       b. Opera             c. Internet Explorer                       d. Netscape Com

16. To get Internet access using Speedy by subscription through the ….
      a. Telkomsel                   b. Indosat                          c. XL                              d. Telkom

17. The top level domain recognized Indonesia on the internet is
      a. sg               b.  id             c.   ac              d. jp

18. Where is the Web was first invented?
      a. Amerika Serikat               b. Inggris                     c. Perancis                      d. Swiss

19. Where we can see a Web address that is being accessed?
      a. Google Bar                 b. Title Bar                        c. Menu Bar                   d. Address Bar

20. The following software is not a Web Browser is ….
      a. Konqueror                  b. Opera                            c. Internet Explorer        d. Outlook


      Menu that shown in number 2 and 4 are
  1. Menu Bar and Address Bar
  2. Menu Bar and Navigation button
  3. Title Bar and Address Bar
d.      Title Bar and Navigation button

Number 1 is used for ...
a. Enter the website address
b. Wtite domain name
c. Write key words to search information
d. Log into Google translate


23. Web address which is not a search engine is

24. To entry into the Indonesian-language Wikipedia, which is

25. Are not included in the chat program is
      a. Yahoo messeger             b. mIRC                        c. AOL                           d. Outlook

26. Where is the location or folder incoming an e mail?
  1. Inbox
  2. Outbox
  3. Draft
  4. Sent

27. To include a file in an email, a dialog box used to select the files are
  1. File-Open
  2. Open
  3. Choose-File
  4. Save-File

28. The symbols used in chat emotion called ...
a. language chat
b. Chat terms
c. Abbreviations chat
d. emotion

29.  Effects of social networking sites and chat are as follows, except ...
a. Can carry the virus into our computer
b. Cause disease in the form of sore muscles
c. Make us addicted
d. Inexpensive means of communication

30. MIRC program can be downloaded for free on the internet and used for 30 days. But after that we have to register. The program is known as
  1. Freeware
  2. Shareware
  3. Firewall
  4. Open source

31. The benefits of the Internet network?
      a. Opening employment information            c. open learning files on the server
      b. open game in the computer server            d. send music files on the client

32. The benefits of computers in local network:
      a. sharing a common power supply            c. Sharing a printer is shared usage
      b. sharing a keyboard simultaneously        d. collectively share the mouse

33. Here are included the negative impact of Internet users, except ...
      a. Theft of the contents of the card other people
 b. Theft of phone bills of others                          
 c. kridit card Finding friends through chat programs
 d. open sites of violence

34. Below are the benefits of the Internet for students, except ...
     a. Search mateti-learning materials            c. Looking for general information of knowlage
     b. job advertisements                                  d. communication

35. To take data or anithing from the Internet called  
      a. upload              b. transfer                c. copy               d. download

36. The process of sending data / files from our computer to the Internet is called
       a. upload                       b. transfer              c. copy                                                     d. download

37. When the download is complete, the dialog box appears "download complete", that there is no button in the dialog box is ....
a.     Open foleder
b.    Open file
c.     Open
d.    Close

38. Language that can not be translated by the site is
  1. Indonesia
  2. Malaysia
  3. Inggris
  4. Arab

39. To search a topic in the Wiki can be done through the menu
  1. Help
  2. Search
  3. History
  4. unwatch

40. Which is not a social networking site is